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 藝術とお茶は、人と人をつなぎます。生活の隅々まで浸透した日本文化の美意識を、岡倉天心は英文著書で”The Book of Tea”(『茶の本』 1906年)として世界に紹介しました。


東京藝術大学「藝茶」プロジェクト 北郷悟

Project of “Geicha”

“Arts and Tea” is a concept that has  historically contributed to establishing a special relationship beween people. The aesthetic sense of Japanese culture is found within the smallest corners of everyday life.

A concept first introduced to the world by Okakua Kakuzo (Tenshin) through his English book ” The Book of Tea ” (Cha no Hon) in 1906, we would like to take you through such historical anchor of people, and key connector of Japan to the world through the article ” The History of Tea” of our Project ,”Geicha “(“Arts and Tea”).

KITAGO Satoru, the Project of “Geicha”, Tokyo University of the Arts


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  • お茶の歴史(History)
  • 茶葉の世界(TeaLeaves)
  • 茶道具・茶室(Meibutsu)
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