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The Enshû School of Tea and the Tokyo University of Arts

Among the brilliant graduates of the Tokyo University of Arts, there are two heads (Iemoto) of a tea school, called the Enshû school. This school maintains the style of tea established by the daimyo (domain lord) Kobori Enshû, and is led by his descendants.

One of these graduates, Sômei Kobori was the 11th head of the Enshû house, and graduated from the Sculpture Department. His eldest son, Sôkei Kobori, studied in the Nihonga Painting Department. During World War Ⅱ, students of the Tokyo University of Arts were mobilized. Sôkei was sent to Manchuria and as a result he was detained in Siberia for three years.

In tea culture, special tea utensils which the Iemoto has made for the school are called Konomi-mono, and both Sômei and Sōkei oversaw sophisticated Konomi-mono.

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