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Kaiseki Meals

The meal which is served at a tea gathering is called a kaiseki (bosom stone) meal.

The contemporary kaiseki meal is a refined and complex meal of many courses, and in particular traditional Japanese restaurants offer gorgeous kaiseki meals which normally start with delicacies and Japanese sake, and include sliced raw fish, cooked fish and meat in broth, and so on.

However in the Muromachi period (from the 14th century to the beginning of the 16th century) simple dishes, for example simple noodles, sômen, or jelly made from arrowroot, kuzukiri, were served at tea gatherings.

Rikyu, regarded as the father of the modern tea ceremony, also served very simple meals of just rice, miso soup, and a few simple side dishes.
Spectacular kaiseki meals were created after Rikyu’s time and developed in the modern period.

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